Environmentally Friendly Fishing Gear: Green Fishing!

More and more tackle companies are introducing environmentally friendly fishing gear, for saltwater and freshwater fishing fans. While some of these haven't exactly taken the fishing world by storm, others, like the Berkley Gulp lures, have really caught on, both with anglers and fish! "Green" your tackle box with these sustainable fishing solutions.

Berkley Gulp Lures 
Berkley makes many different kinds of fishing equipment. They are perhaps most famous for their stinky "Power bait", a gooey concoction loved by hatchery rainbow trout anglers all across the United States. They also sell fishing line and lures, for all kinds of different species. Berkley has recently "gone green" with the introduction of the "Gulp" line of fishing lures. These are similar to most soft plastic baits found on the market today, however, they are biodegradable! Gulp lures come for both freshwater and saltwater, including the super popular Gulp Minnows (my personal favorite). You can fish these Texas rigged, dropshot, or many other different styles, and they certainly catch fish! One great thing about Berkley is their products are carried in many fishing stores, both online and at brick-and-mortar locations, like Wal-Mart or local sporting goods stores. Get some Gulp today and green your tackle box!

How many times have you come across fishing line, littered across the shore, in giant pools of string and wrapped around just about everything? It is a super sad sight and a sign of inconsiderate anglers. The best solution for this is to always pack out whatever you pack in, no matter where you are. However, another option is to use biodegradable fishing line. Eagle Claw, a fairly big name in the fishing industry, makes BioLine, supposedly the first of a kind of fishing line, breaking down in about5 years, as opposed to the 300+ years monofilament takes to degrade. It's rated in the same pound test that IGFA uses for other fishing line, and has clarity like fluorocarbon fishing line.

Lead-Free Weights 
The current debate over lead and dead ducks is pushing anglers closer and closer to having to use lead-free weights. Unfortunately, these can be quite expensive, and its questionable just dangerous the lead fishing weights is to ducks, in the grand scheme of things. However, for those ready to make the switch to lead-free weights, the internet has got you covered. Just be prepared to pay a bit more than you would for the original lead split shots, jig heads and other terminal tackle pieces. Tight lines!

Arkansas Fishing License Requirements

Anyone who is 16 years-old or older that plans to take game fish, frogs or turtles in the state of Arkansas must have a fishing license unless they are fishing in a "put and pay lake" that is licensed. This fishing license must be carried with the fisherman while he or she attempts to take game fish, frogs or turtles. Luckily there are several places to purchase fishing licenses throughout the state of Arkansas such as sporting goods stores, hunting and fishing supply stores, a few discount chain stores and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Little Rock offices. Fishing licenses can also be purchased by calling 866-364-GAME or by visiting agfc.com.

Residents of Arkansas can choose from a Resident Fisheries Conservation License which allows the holder of the license to fish the Arkansas waters with sport fishing tackle, but a Resident Trout Permit will also need to be bought to catch trout or to even fish in some areas of Arkansas, or a Resident 3-Day Trip Fishing License which allows the holder to fish the Arkansas waters for three days with sport fishing tackle, but a Trout Permit may be needed with this license as well. Also, residents of Arkansas can purchase a White River Border Lake License. This license allows the angler to fish the Bull Shoals, Norfolk and Table Rock lakes of Missouri without having to buy a Missouri non-resident fishing license.

Non-residents of Arkansas can choose from a Non-resident Annual Fishing License, which is the equivalent of the Resident Fisheries Conservation License and may or may not need a Non-resident Trout Permit, a Non-resident 3-Day Trip Fishing License which allows the non-resident to fish Arkansas waters with sport fishing tackle for a specified 3 day period, a Non-resident 7-Day Fishing License, which is just like a 3-Day fishing license only it is for a specified 7 days or a Non-resident 14-Day Trip Fishing License which is also like the 3-Day Trip Fishing License except it is for a specified 14 day time period. The 3-Day, 7-Day and 14-Day Trip Fishing Licenses may or may not have to have a Non-resident Trout Permit with them, it just depends on if the angler is trout fishing or fishing in certain waters that require it.

Fishing in Arkansas can be fun for both residents of the state and for visitors. But, both residents and non-residents have to have the proper fishing licenses.